Route 147 from manchester piccadilly to West Didsbury

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This timetable is available online at Bus Operated by Stagecoach 147 From 27 January 2019 Manchester Piccadilly Station University of Manchester Manchester Royal Infirmary Rusholme Fallowfield Withington West Didsbury From 27 January 147 Times are changed PO Box 429, Manchester, M1 3BG Transport for Greater Manchester 18-1810G14775001218 For public transport information phone 0161 244 1000 7am 8pm Mon to Fri 8am 8pm Sat, Sun & public holidays Easy access on all buses Alternative format To ask for leaflets to be sent to you, or to request large print, Braille or recorded information phone 0161 244 1000 or visit Easy access on buses Journeys run with low floor buses have no steps at the entrance, making getting on and off easier. Where shown, low floor buses have a ramp for access and a dedicated space for wheelchairs and pushchairs inside the bus. The bus operator will always try to provide easy access services where these services are scheduled to run. Using this timetable Timetables show the direction of travel, bus numbers and the days of the week. Main stops on the route are listed on the left. Where no time is shown against a particular stop, the bus does not stop there on that journey. Check any letters which are shown in the timetable against the key at the bottom of the page. Where to find information about service changes Bus station posters Leaflets from outlets. Tickets and information Bus companies offer a range of tickets for use on their own buses. For travel on any service in the County, use System One tickets, including DaySaver. Travelshops provide tickets, information and journey planning advice on buses, trains and trams for work and pleasure. Using the 24 hour clock Times are shown in four figures. The first two are the hour and the last two are the minutes. 0753 is 53 minutes past 7am 1953 is 53 minutes past 7pm Additional information Printed on coated recycled paper made using 50% recycled fibre from post consumer sources and 50% virgin fibre from sustainable forests. Operator details Stagecoach Head Office, Hyde Road, Ardwick Manchester, M12 6JS Telephone 0161 273 3377 Travelshops Manchester Piccadilly Gardens Mon to Sat 7am to 6pm Sunday 10am to 6pm Public hols 10am to 5.30pm Manchester Shudehill Interchange Mon to Sat 7am to 6pm Sunday Closed Public hols 10am to 1.45pm and 2.30pm to 5.30pm *Including public holidays Contains Ordnance Survey data Crown copyright and database right 2010 0100022610 Transport for Greater Manchester 2018 Transport for Greater Manchester uses reasonable endeavours to check the accuracy of information published and to publish changes to information in a timely manner. In no event will Transport for Greater Manchester be liable for any loss that may arise from this information being inaccurate. West Didsbury Oxford Road Piccadilly Rusholme Platt Fields Park Fallowfield Owens Park Withington University of Manchester Oxford RoadWilmslow RoadWhitworth Park Halls of Residence Friendship Inn The Christie Manchester Royal Infirmary Royal Eye Hospital St Mary's Royal Manchester Children's Hospital Boo th S tree t Ea st Bru nsw ick Stre et Gra fton Str eet Moss Lane East Platt Lane Dicke nson Road Old Hall Lan e Moseley Road Wilbraham Road Egerton Road Mauldeth Road West Mauldeth Road Burton Road Palatine RoadLapwing Lane Hath ersag e Roa d Trams to Manchester Trains to East Didsbury Central Road West Didsbury 147 University of Manchester St Andrew'sSquareManchester Metropolitan University Aquatics Centre Fairfield Street Tra vis Str eet London RoadPrincess StreetGro sve no r Str eet Wh itw ort h Str eet Trains to Bolton, Wigan and Liverpool Trams to Piccadilly Gardens, Eccles, Bury and Altrincham Trams to Ashton-under-Lyne Sackville StreetCh arle s Str eet Oxford RoadRoyal Northern College of Music AytounStreet147 Trains throughout Greater Manchester and regional and national trains Manchester 147 Key Bus route Train line Tram line Direction of travel Bus station/connection point Train station Metrolink stop H Hospital Terminus 147 West Didsbury Manchester Royal Infirmary Piccadilly Train Station 147 Mondays to Fridays West Didsbury, Central Road 0658 0708 0717 0726 0736 0745 0755 0805 and at frequent 1454 1504 1514 Rusholme, Platt Lane 0710 0720 0729 0739 0749 0759 0810 0821 intervals of 1507 1518 1528 Manchester Royal Infirmary 0602 0617 0632 0647 0702 0717 0727 0736 0746 0756 0807 0818 0829 not more than 1514 1525 1535 Piccadilly Station, Fairfield Street 0611 0626 0641 0656 0711 0726 0736 0745 0758 0809 0822 0834 0845 10 minutes 1528 1541 1551 Travis Street 0613 0628 0643 0658 0713 0728 0738 0747 0800 0811 0824 0836 0847 until 1530 1543 1553 West Didsbury, Central Road 1524 and at frequent 2004 Rusholme, Platt Lane 1538 intervals of 2016 Manchester Royal Infirmary 1546 not more than 2022 Piccadilly Station, Fairfield Street 1602 10 minutes 2034 Travis Street 1604 until 2036 Piccadilly Train Station Manchester Royal Infirmary West Didsbury 147 Mondays to Fridays Travis Street 0535 0550 0605 0620 0635 0650 and at frequent 0750 0800 and at frequent 1440 1450 1459 1508 1517 Piccadilly Station, Fairfield Street 0538 0553 0608 0623 0638 0653 intervals of 0753 0803 intervals of 1443 1453 1502 1511 1520 Manchester Royal Infirmary 0548 0603 0618 0633 0648 0706 not more than 0806 0816 not more than 1456 1506 1515 1525 1534 Rusholme, Platt Lane 0712 10 minutes 0812 0823 10 minutes 1503 1513 1522 1533 1543 West Didsbury, Central Road 0723 until 0823 0834 until 1514 1525 1536 1549 1559 Travis Street 1526 and at frequent 1926 Piccadilly Station, Fairfield Street 1529 intervals of 1929 Manchester Royal Infirmary 1543 not more than 1942 Rusholme, Platt Lane 1553 10 minutes 1949 West Didsbury, Central Road 1609 until 2001 Bus 147 does not run on Saturdays, Sundays or public holidays W All bus 147 journeys are run using easy access buses. See inside front cover of this leaflet for details

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