edocr Case Study: Barre Central Gives its SEO a Workout

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| 1 www.edocr.com Case Study Standing out among a sea of franchises Less than 10% of the health/fitness club market in the United States is independent studios, while the majority is made up of chain franchises. Since Barre Central is a newer fitness studio that’s not part of a franchise, the owners don’t have the benefit of pre-existing marketing materials that are ready made and market tested. As a small start-up, Barre Central did not have an advertising budget or a marketing department to create local buzz and attract customers. So Sarah and Patti had to add marketer to their already long list of roles. “As a small business with no advertising budget, we knew that organic SEO would be imperative to growing our business, but we just didn’t know how to do it,” said Barre Central co-founder Sarah Williams. “Then we were introduced to edocr.” Reaching customers through search engine optimization Before using edocr, Barre Central focused on marketing through social media, third-party sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor, and word-of- mouth promotions. From conversations with several barre studio franchise owners, Sarah and Patti discovered that grassroots, organic marketing was the best course of action given their budget compared Barre Central Gives its SEO a Workout WHO THEY ARE Barre Central is a boutique fitness studio founded in 2014 by Sarah Williams and Patti Brown-Chlapowski, an instructor and student, respectively, who both share the same vision. In addition to barre classes, the studio offers Pilates, yoga, dance fitness, meditation, self-defense, aromatherapy, vision boarding, and a variety of other topics. LOCATION St. Petersburg, Florida “As a small business with no advertising budget, we knew that organic SEO would be imperative to growing our business, but we just didn’t know how to do it... Then we were introduced to edocr.” —Sarah Williams, Barre Central co-founder | 2 www.edocr.com Case Study to the amount franchises could spend on paid search campaigns. Improving SEO in January was imperative, since approximately half of Americans make New Year’s resolutions, and nearly 40% identified losing weight as a resolution for 2016, according to a survey by GOBanking Rates. Barre Central created an edocr account and actively published content for a 45-day period to boost search engine results. First, they published paper-based marketing materials such as monthly class schedules, flyers, and articles that were already developed and were being handed out at the studio. “edocr allows us to easily grow our online presence with the marketing materials already developed,” said Williams. By making them available on edocr, the content could now be crawled and indexed by search engines. But they didn’t stop there. After publishing their content, Sarah and Patti then shared it on social media, which further increased their marketing reach. This was a vast improvement over their previous method of simply taking a photo of their fliers and posting them to social media. Republishing content drives exponential social growth Despite the growth in competition as barre fitness gains popularity, Barre Central was able to increase its visibility tenfold in Google and Bing search results. By featuring content on edocr that’s not found on their website, the company was able to also increase social media views almost ten times, which included sites that they weren’t previously marketing on, like Twitter and LinkedIn. After seeing the initial results from using edocr, Barre Central has integrated it into their ongoing marketing strategy. “We are on a mission to gather the most encouraging, motivating, positive, caring souls we can find and bring them all together as a family,” said Williams. Our Barre Central family and community is growing with our growing online presence.” “edocr allows us to easily grow our online presence with the marketing materials already developed.” —Sarah Williams, Barre Central co-founder

How do customers find you on the web when you’re a small business in a large industry?

Barre Central, a boutique fitness studio, turned to edocr to cut through the online noise and give their search engine optimization a workout. With a few simple steps, they saw an impressive 10 times increase in visibility through online searches and social media engagement.

Read the full case study to learn how Barre Central leveraged edocr for their search engine optimization and how you can do the same for your business.

St. Petersburg, Florida

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