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How To Start Bank Reconciliation In Xero Accounting Software? Xero Accounting Software has become the relief point for all businessmen who have just started out their journey as entrepreneurs. It is refreshing to see how software can resolve many issues in a company. For people like entrepreneurs, lawyers, photographers or independent owners who have to keep track of their accounts frequently. Recently they have added another feature to the application as well called bank reconciliation. Let's explore what it is all about! Bank reconciliation is a feature in Xero accounting software. This helps in matching transactions imported into the app from your bank account and the transactions entered in Xero by yourself. In this the details are shown through a bank statement line with each account transaction imported from your bank. As per the Xero Support, the goal of this feature is to ascertain the differences between the two, and to set appropriate accounting records. HOW TO ACTIVATE/START BANK RECONCILIATION? Launch the application. Find and click on the Accounts menu. Select Bank Accounts. Click Reconcile [number] items. Enter the bank account number you want to reconcile. Review individual statement line imported from your bank on the left of the Reconcile tab. Take action on whichever situation is apt for you: a) XERO SUGGESTED A MATCH FOR ANY SPECIFIC BANK STATEMENT LINE. Use Find & Match to find other transactions you've entered in the software. Match the dates of the statement line and transaction if they are correct. For manually imported statement lines, check day and month if they are not in the correct order. If the statement line matches the correct transaction, click OK to accept and reconcile. b) FIND A TRANSACTION AND RECONCILE AS PER THE MATCHING BANK STATEMENT LINE. Go to Reconcile tab, click on Find & Match. Find the transaction and select the checkbox. You can change the transaction order by clicking any column heading or search by name, reference or cheque number, invoice number or amount. Click Reconcile. c) ADD SPENT/RECEIVE MONEY TRANSACTION WHILE RECONCILING. Under Bank reconciliation, click Create next to the bank statement line you want to reconcile. Add information on Who, What and Tax Rate. Enter a description Why. (Optional) Press Save Transaction to save the details. Click OK and create the transaction to reconcile it. If you face any issue or problem during or after the process, you can contact our Xero Support Number 1800-952- 982. We can provide solution to any of your Xero Software related issues; our support team can help you deal with such issues. You can also Visit our Blog for getting the important Features of XERO . You can trust our team without any second thought; we have a reputation of solving every problem. RELATED KEYWORD: Start Bank Reconciliation in XERO Bank Reconciliation in XERO Software ORIGINAL SOURCE bank-reconciliation-in-xero-accounting-software/ ______________________________________________________________________________________________ 1800-952-982 {XERO HELPLINE NUMBER} _________________________________________________________


This PDF  will give proper information about the Bank Reconciliation in XERO. If you face any issue or problem during or after the process, you can contact Xero Support Number 1800-952-982.

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