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Fill & Sign edocr forms Edocr has vastly changed its functionality to allow our users a great deal more usefulness out of their documents. (non-Premium users are limited to OnTask Ready forms - if you want to set up your own forms - message ​edocr ​ or ​OnTask ​) To the right of the edocr document viewing window is a menu of functionality presented as clickable buttons. These include 'Share', 'Embed', and 'Fill & Sign'. The new edocr Fill & Sign feature allows edocr users to use forms residing on edocr to be sent for form completion and esignature. One party or two party. When you click the button, edocr grabs the document you are viewing plus your email address ​(we do not sell or provide your information to third parties. For more information see our ​privacy statement ​), ​ and plugs both the document and your email into our ​OnTask document workflow product ​. At this point, different things will happen depending on the document you have started with and whether there are one or two parties involved in the document signing. If the document you are starting with has been processed by OnTask already, the next step will be for you, or you and someone else, to complete the form fields and sign in the appropriate place(s), as prescribed by whatever form you are using. If the form is OnTask ready you will see a on the thumbnail image and if no check mark, you have to create the form template (just once) in order to have an efillable / esignable form to use online. When you open the document to view full-screen, OnTask ready forms will cause the 'Fill & Sign' button to turn green, as shown below: This button will remain white for forms that are NOT already OnTask templates, but don't let that stop you, as the process will guide you through an easy process to make your new form ready to be filled out online. When a OnTask ready form is selected, it is immediately ready to be Filled & Signed with all the fields predefined and ready to be filled in, or completed by two parties. You should never have to select "Edit Document", but rather proceed directly to "Sign Document" (silly way of saying 'Continue'). If you do run into issues of any kind, please use our Help Center on edocr.com. If the document is new to OnTask, the next step will be to prepare the document for fill & sign. The workflow will automatically take you down this branch in the workflow. The OnTask formbuilder will load the form and recognize the fields in the form as best it can. Then it is up to you to proof the form, edit the fields appropriately, and if you plan on using again or allowing others to use, take the final step of properly naming the individual fields in the form. Even if all the fields are recognized, you will need to manually change date and signature fields. ​Make sure you deselect 'required' for all fields ​, as it just will not work in this 'we are not sure of the roles of the parties involved' workflow. Hopefully very soon we will force the default to be 'not required' in order to make the forms template creation step smoother. The 'Scan for Fields' button below will show on any new form. This auto detect fields, and always run this first. Note ​ that the 'Continue' button is very mis-leading and really means 'Form is Finished'! We hope to fix soon, but for now if you hit this before completing your form, the only option is to start over. Ugg! For most forms the Field detection will find all of your fields and the only task you will need to do is edit the field type, say from 'Text to Date' or 'Text to Signature'. This is done by clicking on the individual fields and editing as shown below. To add missed field, click on the type (Text, Date, Signature, etc.) and place on the form as desired. MAKE SURE YOU THEN CLICK ON THAT FIELD AND UNSELECT 'REQUIRED' - the second interface mistake we are trying to fix, but two party forms ​will not work ​ currently if fields are marked as Required! Auto detected fields will not be marked Required. Once your form is to your liking, then you hit Continue! If you wish to share your forms for you to use again, or for others to use, Exit at this point and download the form you just created, then create an edocr share with this form, and then it is ready to instantly be used by you and anyone else over and over again. If you have more difficult forms or documents you wish to use, or are just not able to get your form exactly right, just provide the edocr Help Center with a link to the edocr share and we will make sure your form is converted to a ready to use edocr webform for easy Fill & Sign capability. We are here to help, and we have had plenty of forms practice! When you actually start using a OnTask ready form, it is as simple as just typing in each field the appropriate information, just like you would if you had a hard copy paper form you needed to type into, then perhaps hand over to someone else to complete. Type away: Hand to someone else: We are hoping to crowdsource lots and lots of ready to fill & sign forms, so if you upload a new form, make sure to set the category tag to 'Forms', and the edocr team will make sure they are OnTask ready to Fill & Sign'. When deployed, an OnTask check will be shown on the edocr share thumbnail, and the Fill & Sign button will turn green . Or, don't hesitate to send your forms to us for processing, or ask questions if you need a little assistance or guidance. Here are some of the Forms' libraries found on edocr: https://www.edocr.com/user/edocr/collection/legalforms https://www.edocr.com/user/globaldocuments/collection/legalforms https://www.edocr.com/user/globaldocuments/collection/fillableforms More forms are being added weekly, and more are becoming Ontask ready on a steady pace as well. So, give it a try & let us know ( ​edocr help center ​) your suggestions and questions - and share those forms with us and the world. (This document is a googledoc, easily edited as needed (and has been like five times already!) - see how to use googledocs, sheets & slides in edocr ​here ​.)

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Publishing documents on edocr.com is a proven way to start demand generation for your products and services. Thousands of professionals and businesses publish marketing, sales, operations, customer service and financial documents making it easier for prospects and customers to find content, helping them to make informed decisions.

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