We are donating 5% From Every transaction to help Atlanta foster kids.

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We are donating 5% From Every Griffin U-Do transaction to help foster kids. After learning of the Phoenix international and their Dynamic Dollar Campaign, Atlanta based consulting firm Griffin Global Incorporated announced today they would donate 5% of each transaction on their Griffin U-Do marketplace app to help homeless individuals and foster youth. Every Dollar Counts, they can use your help too. Please donate and share! Ravennah and Shareholders say they've always admired Phoenix International Inc. and the work they do helping Homeless Individuals and Foster Youth. A Phoenix International Community Event Mr. Ravennah recalled seeing inspired, grateful, and enthusiastic youth at a fashion show event put on by Phoenix International Inc. Phoenix Helps Foster Youth Become Independent The staff noted if they could lower expenses they could help more youth and homeless people. Everyone Need Help Sometime Mr. Ravennah began helping research land and doing the necessary consulting to get the charity mortgage read after learning the firm pays over $25,000 a month in rent for just 12 apartments. That's a $5,000,000 mortgage note. Leaders Act When Mr. Ravennah and Griffin Global Incorporated partnered on the Dynamic Dollar capital campaign with Phoenix International Inc. and further pledged that 5% of each transaction on the Griffin U-Do app will be donated to the cause. Contact Us At: https://www.Udo.work

Griffin Global Incorporated made what could be a multi million dollar announcement today. The CEO said they would donate 5% of all their sales to help Homeless Individuals and Foster Youth. The company has chosen to donate to Phoenix International Inc.


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