UK VC should be an attractive option for both LP investors already investing in US VC, and LPs not currently invested in VC and considering both the US and UK. Our analysis shows: • that UK VC funds with a 2002-2006 vintage outperformed US VC funds of the same vintage in terms of their DPI and TVPI money multiples • that, from 2007 onwards, the performance of UK VC funds is comparable to the US, with UK performance only slightly lower than US funds of the same vintage • that UK VC funds share a similar distribution of returns compared to US funds, apart from a small number of top US funds that outperform significantly.

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Tech Investment and Growth Advisory for Series A in the UK, operating in £150k to £5m investment market, working with #SaaS #FinTech #HealthTech #MarketPlaces and #PropTech companies.

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