Complex Issues We Face Which Moving To Office 365

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Complex Issues We Face Which Moving To Office 365 Listed few important factors that we personally encountered during this transition. The time you decide to move to MS Office 365, you should be prepared to deal with few certain surprises that come with it. In this article, we will discuss some of the noted factors that we personally encountered during this transition. Though the move to Office 365 will also prove fruitful, yet there can be some surprising factors that may put you in a puzzling situation. So, to avoid falling in that situation, read on all the points we cover in this article. I. Migrating Is A Complex Process If you use an Active Directory on-premise environment and you try to start migration process to Office 365, then be informed that the process will be complex for sure. The SP2 Exchange Server 2010 has a wizard which lessens the step counts from around 50 down 6; however, the process is still very hectic and needs a strong planning from you.. II. You should begin with the spam filtering Spam filtering can be a big issue to you during this process if you are not aware of it in advance. The process of fine-tuning spam filters can be time consuming for you, but it is an essential step because it will keep spam away from you. This suite utilizes MS Forefront Online Protection for Exchange which is a great spam filtering tool but requires ample of time to get configured. III. Addresses of Outbound Emails May Change While subscribing to MS Office 365, each user account uses an email address that comes as default and this email address lasts in Though it is quite possible for any user to use his or her own domain, by accepting email of your domain name is insufficient. Here, all the outbound messages will keep on using domain until some changes related to configuration are being made, which would not be intuitive. IV. Chances for you to say bye to third-party utilities A number of companies utilizes third party utilities for handling Exchange Server. So, if you too use any of these utilities and they should be installed right on the Exchange Server, then there will be difficult for you to use on Office 365. For using it, you should get on premise Exchange Server. Moreover, Microsoft is not giving permission to users to install software over Office 365 servers. V. DNS Issues Can Be Arisen Users who include domain to their Office 365 account would get a DNS entries list that has to be made for domain to work properly. Though a majority of these entries are quite straightforward, yet Microsoft Lync needs few SRV records to be made. VI. You would require to utilize multiple management tools As in Office 365, Control Panel in Exchange is being used as a main management tool for Exchange Server. Similarly, accounts of various users are being made via proprietary interface instead of the Computers console and Active Directory users. Hence, you would require relying on multiple management tools in this process. For more information, visit, United Kingdom For more points visit know/


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