A comprehensive study of the technical parameters and conditions for the synthesis of ternary alloys in the Ti-Zr-Ni system by the “hydride cycle” method was carried out. The influence on the synthesis process of such parameters as: temperature and annealing time, heating rate, cooling conditions, material composition, dispersion, hydrogen content in the hydrides used, the presence of impurities, mixing and pressing methods, and the degree of pressing of the starting components was determined. The alloys of the following compositions were synthesized and investigated: Ti40.5Zr31.9Ni27.6, Ti41.5Zr41.5Ni17, Ti40Zr40Ni20 , Ti44Zr40Ni16. The optimal technological parameters and conditions for the synthesis of ternary alloys are determined. It has been established that the key factors in the process of compound formation during hydride dissociation are the dispersion and homogeneity of the initial compacted components. It was found that the synthesis of ternary alloys in the Ti-Zr-Ni system occurs during a short-term exothermic reaction in the “thermal explosion” mode, which begins in the temperature region corresponding to the α↔β polymorphic transformation of zirconium and titanium.

About Klee Irwin

Klee Irwin is an author, researcher and entrepreneur who now dedicates the majority of his time to Quantum Gravity Research (QGR), a non-profit research institute that he founded in 2009. The mission of the organization is to discover the geometric first-principles unification of space, time, matter, energy, information, and consciousness.


As the Director of QGR, Klee manages a dedicated team of mathematicians and physicists in developing emergence theory to replace the current disparate and conflicting physics theories. Since 2009, the team has published numerous papers and journal articles analyzing the fundamentals of physics.

Klee is also the founder and owner of Irwin Naturals, an award-winning global natural supplement company providing alternative health and healing products sold in thousands of retailers across the globe including Whole Foods, Vitamin Shoppe, Costco, RiteAid, WalMart, CVS, GNC and many others. Irwin Naturals is a long time supporter of Vitamin Angels, which aims to provide lifesaving vitamins to mothers and children at risk of malnutrition thereby reducing preventable illness, blindness, and death and creating healthier communities.

Outside of his work in physics, Klee is active in supporting students, scientists, educators, and founders in their aim toward discovering solutions to activate positive change in the world.  He has supported and invested in a wide range of people, causes and companies including Change.org, Upworthy, Donors Choose, Moon Express, Mayasil, the X PRIZE Foundation, and Singularity University where he is an Associate Founder.

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