Route 41 from Yew Tree to Ashton-under-Lyne

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This timetable is available online at Bus Operated by Manchester Community Transport 41 From 22 July 2018 Yew Tree Dukinfield Ashton-under-Lyne From 22 July 41 Times of evening, Sunday and public holiday journeys are changed PO Box 429, Manchester, M1 3BG Transport for Greater Manchester 18-0829G4130000618 Easy access on all buses For public transport information phone 0161 244 1000 7am 8pm Mon to Fri 8am 8pm Sat, Sun & public holidays Alternative format To ask for leaflets to be sent to you, or to request large print, Braille or recorded information phone 0161 244 1000 or visit Easy access on buses Journeys run with low floor buses have no steps at the entrance, making getting on and off easier. Where shown, low floor buses have a ramp for access and a dedicated space for wheelchairs and pushchairs inside the bus. The bus operator will always try to provide easy access services where these services are scheduled to run. Using this timetable Timetables show the direction of travel, bus numbers and the days of the week. Main stops on the route are listed on the left. Where no time is shown against a particular stop, the bus does not stop there on that journey. Check any letters which are shown in the timetable against the key at the bottom of the page. Where to find information about service changes Bus station posters Leaflets from outlets. Tickets and information Bus companies offer a range of tickets for use on their own buses. For travel on any service in the County, use System One tickets, including DaySaver. Travelshops provide tickets, information and journey planning advice on buses, trains and trams for work and pleasure. Using the 24 hour clock Times are shown in four figures. The first two are the hour and the last two are the minutes. 0753 is 53 minutes past 7am 1953 is 53 minutes past 7pm Additional information Printed on coated recycled paper made using 50% recycled fibre from post consumer sources and 50% virgin fibre from sustainable forests. Operator details Manchester Community Transport Crossley Park, Crossley Road, Heaton Chapel, Stockport SK4 5BF Telephone 0161 946 9255 Travelshops Ashton Bus Station Mon to Fri 7am to 5.30pm Saturday 8am to 5.30pm Sunday* Closed Hyde Bus Station Mon to Sat 8.30am to 1.15pm and 2pm to 4pm Sunday* Closed *Including public holidays Contains Ordnance Survey data Crown copyright and database right 2010 0100022610 Transport for Greater Manchester 2018 Transport for Greater Manchester uses reasonable endeavours to check the accuracy of information published and to publish changes to information in a timely manner. In no event will Transport for Greater Manchester be liable for any loss that may arise from this information being inaccurate. Ashton-under-Lyne Town Hall Dukinfield Golf Course Lyne Edge Dukinfield CavendishStreetAlbion Hotel Lodge Hotel Armadale RoadMorrisons CheethamHill Road41 Trains to Stalybridge and Huddersfield Trains to Manchester Arcades Shopping Centre Yew Tree Ashton- under- Lyne Park Para de Kath erin e Stre et OldhamRoad CavendishStreet Astle y Stre et Chapel Stre et King Street Dews nap L ane Dewsnap Lane Boyd's Walk Birch LaneLodge Lane Oxfor d Roa d Gorse Hall Road Fir Tree Lane Yew Tree Lane TennysonAvenue ThorncliffeAvenue KingStreetAshton-under-Lyne Trams to Manchester 41 Lyne Edge Road41 Key Bus route Hail and ride: passengers can get on or off the bus wherever it is safe Train line Tram line Direction of travel Bus station/connection point Train station Metrolink stop Terminus 41 Ashton Dukinfield Yew Tree circular 41 Mondays to Fridays Ashton, Bus Station 0717 0817 0925 1025 1125 1225 1325 1425 1525 1625 1725 1825 1925 2025 2125 2225 2335 Boyd's Walk/Armadale Road 0728 0828 0934 1034 1134 1234 1334 1434 1539 1639 1739 1835 1935 2035 2135 2235 2345 Dukinfield, Tennyson Avenue 0741 0841 0945 1045 1145 1245 1345 1445 1552 1652 1752 1841 1941 2041 2141 2241 2351 Boyd's Walk/Armadale Road 0753 0853 0956 1056 1156 1256 1356 1456 1604 1704 1804 1852 1952 2052 2152 2252 Ashton, Bus Station 0809 0909 1009 1109 1209 1309 1409 1509 1616 1716 1816 1902 2002 2102 2202 2302 Saturdays Ashton, Bus Station 0825 and 1725 1825 and 2225 2335 Boyd's Walk/Armadale Road 0834 every 1734 1835 every 2235 2345 Dukinfield, Tennyson Avenue 0845 hour 1745 1841 hour 2241 2351 Boyd's Walk/Armadale Road 0856 until 1756 1852 until 2252 Ashton, Bus Station 0909 1809 1902 2302 Sundays and public holidays (except Christmas and New Year period) Ashton, Bus Station 1121 and 2221 2331 Boyd's Walk/Armadale Road 1131 every 2231 2341 Dukinfield, Tennyson Avenue 1137 hour 2237 2347 Boyd's Walk/Armadale Road 1148 until 2248 Ashton, Bus Station 1158 2258 For details of buses during Christmas and New Year, please phone 0161 244 1000 Bus 41 is provided with the financial support of Transport for Greater Manchester W All bus 41 journeys are run using easy access buses. See inside front cover of this leaflet for details

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