The Vert Shock PDF program with the workouts and exercises taught worldwide by Adam Folker produce dramatically fast results, allowing you to noticeably increase your vertical jump. Vert Shock PDF is a program developed by Adam Folker, the man who coached three elite high-schoolers to add several inches to their vertical jump in just 12 weeks. The program was designed for athletes with limited time, and it does not waste any time on ineffective static stretching. The team has taken the best exercises used by athletes and coaches to develop explosive power, strength and add inches to their vertical leap. Vert Shock PDF includes specific workouts and exercises that help you to do the most explosive jumps possible and add up to 15 inches (ca. 38 cm) on your vertical jump. Adam Folker developed the Vert Shock workouts (PDF) after years of intense research and experimentation with athletes in the NBA, NFL, MLB, and other professional sports organizations. The result is a perfect program that you can follow along to increase your vertical jump and overall athletic performance. The exercises are easy to apply, and the results are guaranteed.

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