Graeter Ice Cream

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Black Cherry Butter Pecan Caramel Chocolate Coffee Cookies & Cream Cotton Candy Elena's Blueberry Pie Strawberry Vanilla Black Raspberry Chip Buckeye Blitz Chocolate Chip Chocolate Coconut Almond Chip Coconut Chip Cookie Dough Chip Double Chocolate Chip Mint Chocolate Chip Mocha Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Chip Toffee Chip Lemon Mango Raspberry Strawberry Why not try something new? Ask About Our Seasonal Flavor Specials! Ask About Our Seasonal Smoothies! Ask About Our Local Favorites! Original Flavors Ice Cream Cones Graeter's Special Sundaes Graeter's Signature Sodas Fountain Favorites Fountain Drinks Frozen Desserts Graeter's Smoothies $4.50 Ice Cream Dishes Scrumptious Sundaes $4.75 Graeter's Homemade Toppings Extras 70 each Ice Cream & Toppings To Go Signature Chip Flavors Sorbets Small $3.95 - Medium $4.75 - Large $5.25 Small $4.00 - Large $4.75 Small $1.59 - Medium $1.79 - Large $1.99 Made with sparkling soda water, two scoops of vanilla ice cream and your choice of Graeter's delicious homemade fountain syrups Sugar Cones Single Dip $2.75 - Double Dip $4.00 Waffle or Pretzel Cone Single Dip $3.74 - Double Dip $4.74 Traditional Scoop Double Dip Triple Dip A large scoop of ice cream drenched with your choice of one Graeter's homemade toppings, real whipped cream, crushed pecans, and a cherry 1870 TowerA fresh chocolate bundt cake filled with hot fudge, a scoop of black raspberry chip ice cream, drizzled with hot fudge, topped with whipped cream, pecans and a cherry $5.25 Banana SplitYour choice of two ice creams and two homemade toppings on a fresh split banana, topped with whipped cream, pecans and a cherry $5.25 Brownie SundaeA scrumptious hot fudge sundae atop a Graeter's brownie $5.25 TurtleVanilla ice cream topped with a mixture of hot fudge, butterscotch, pecans and whipped cream $5.25 Cookie MonsterCookie Dough Chip and Cookies & Cream ice cream, drenched in hot fudge, topped with whipped cream, chocolate sprinkles, and a cherry $5.25 Cherry CordialVanilla ice cream with hot fudge, cherry fruit and whipped cream $4.75 Persian NutButterscotch, whipped cream and pecans folded over vanilla ice cream $4.75 Swiss ChocolateBittersweet and whipped cream folded over vanilla ice cream $4.75 White TowerChocolate and chocolate chip ice cream topped with marshmallow and chocolate jimmies $4.75 ChocolateThe grand tradition since 1870 Chocolate MintA cool, refreshing blend of mint and chocolate syrups CitrusA cool, invigorating soda made with Graeter's lemon or lime syrups FruitMade with real cherry, raspberry, pineapple or strawberry fruit syrups NectarA turn-of-the-century soda with a delicate vanilla-almond flavor Root BeerAn old-fashioned fountain favorite Milk ShakeGraeter's vanilla bean ice cream mixed with our very own homemade topping. Malted Milk Graeter's vanilla bean ice cream mixed with our very own homemade topping, blended with malt powder. Coffee Lemonade PhosphatesOld-fashioned drinks made with soda water and our fountain syrups Bottled Sodas and Juices $1.75 Chip WheeliesIce cream sandwiched between two chocolate chips cookies covered in chocolate sprinkles. Available in Choc. Chip, Double Choc. Chip, Black Rasp. Chip $2.95 Ice Cream Cakes & Pies Check out our freezer for todays variety. Whipped Cream, Chocolate Sprinkles, Crushed Pecans, or a Second Topping. -Rainbow Sprinkles only 50 Fruit Smoothies: A blend of fruit toppings, fruit sorbets and ice Yogurt Smoothies: A blend of vanilla yogurt, fruit toppings, lemon syrup and ice Frozen Lemonades: A blend of sorbet, fruit toppings, and homemade syrups and ice Coffee Chillers: A blend of ice cream, espresso syrup, milk and ice Ice cream Smoothies: A blend of ice cream, milk and homemade syrup Pints of Ice Cream or Fruit Sorbet 56 oz. Ice Cream 10 oz. jar of Bittersweet Topping 10 oz. jar of Black Rasp. Topping 1/2 pint of Butterscotch Topping 1/2 pint of All Other Toppings Bittersweet Butterscotch Cherry Fruit Marshmallow Pineapple Strawberry Wild Cherry Black Raspberry Chocolate Hot Fudge Nectar Raspberry Vanilla Ask About Our Travel Packs And Gift Cards! CALL 1-800-721-3323 OR ORDER ONLINE AT WWW.GRAETERS.COM $4.59 $3.99 $2.95 $2.95 $3.99 $3.50 $5.25 $4.00 $13.69

Graeter's Handcrafted Ice Cream. 145 years of History. Graeter's is now the only commercial ice cream manufacturer anywhere in the world to use French Pot freezers, and its two-gallon batches are the smallest in the industry. 

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