Medical Imaging Parts Supplier In New York

Jun 13, 2017 | Publisher: Mildred Galella | Category: Technology |   | Views: 16 | Likes: 1


Find replacement parts for all of your medical imaging equipment


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Jay Martin Says:

I am looking for fieldtested MRI Machine parts. Can you please tell me, how I can purchase?

Mildred Galella Says:

@Jay Martin Hey Jay, Are you looking for any specific brand?

Jay Martin Says:

@JoshGlas I need Nvidia Graphics Card and Detector Controller Board of GE brand.

Mildred Galella Says:

@JayMartin Yes, these are parts available on our website. You can contact us here:

Jay Martin Says:

@JoshGlas Thanks Josh, I will look into it.

calvinarnold843 Says:

From last 2 months our machines are not working properly, then we checked our machines and some internal part of X- ray machines were affected all parts were scrapped. So, I started a search to replace these parts then my friend recommended me PhiGem Parts. When I visited the site I found various medical equipment parts that I was looking for from last few days. I replaced the parts according to my requirement. Their services were really good. Thanks, Phigem parts.

Mildred Galella Says:

@calvinarnold843 Thanks Calvin for the feedback.


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