Leith Arches Wedding Brochure

Leith Arches Wedding Brochure, updated 5/30/24, 8:42 PM

Leith Arches in Edinburgh is the epitome of a unique and enchanting wedding venue. With a distinct character and a touch of urban charm, it offers couples the opportunity to create an unforgettable celebration. The venue's expansive space can accommodate up to 180 guests, providing ample room for both grand gatherings and intimate affairs. Its versatile design allows you to bring your wedding vision to life, whether it's a romantic, rustic theme or a contemporary, chic ambiance. What sets Leith Arches apart is the freedom it grants in choosing your own catering, music, and decor, ensuring that your special day reflects your personal style and dreams. This exceptional venue promises a truly bespoke and memorable wedding experience in the heart of Edinburgh.

About Leith Arches

Leith Arches is a versatile event space that can accommodate a range of public and private events, such as live events, private parties, and wedding parties. In addition to hosting events, Leith Arches also operates a weekly street food market and features built-in bars that serve local beers and a selection of spirits. The venue also has a cafe bar that is open daily for breakfast, brunch, and lunch. As a wedding venue, Leith Arches can accommodate up to 180 people and offers catering services that include a buffet and street food options. You also have the option of bringing your own DJ or live band and playing your own music at the venue. Leith Arches is a spacious and fully equipped venue that allows you to create the wedding of your dreams.

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