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STEPS TO MOVE FROM SBCGLOBAL EMAIL ACCOUNT TO GMAIL Call Toll-Free Number (1-800-414-2180) Visit Our Website ATT.NET EMAIL LOGIN Moving from one email service to another is not a difficult task, but those who don't know how anything about such process will definitely find this difficult. Today, we will be discussing the process of transferring SBCGlobal email account to Gmail account in a very simple manner. In case you have created an account on SBCGlobal email before June 11th, 2011, then you will have to use fetcher utility tool. Reason being, all these accounts need to be transferred to the Gmail account. This tool is meant for this purpose and it is part of Gmail only. SBCGLOBAL EMAIL If your account is made before the above mention date then only you will able to access POP3 server otherwise company has barred accessing to accounts through pop3 server after this date. The process of transfer is discussed below in an easy to understand language so as to understand it properly. SBCGLOBAL NET EMAIL The foremost step is to log into your Gmail account through a web browser. You will see the dots in the top right corner. Click on it for settings. Under settings, go to 'accounts' then click on 'add a POP3 mail account'.This is your own mail account.Click on the checkbox. Enter the SBCGlobal email login address followed by the password box. In the password box enter the password of your mail Id. The POP server field will be displayed to you, there you need to enter the '' beside the port number. Remember that port number is changed here. It becomes '995' now. SBCGLOBAL NET EMAIL SETTINGS 'Leave a copy of retrieved messages' tick mark on this option. This will save your messages from deletion on Gmail. The next point is to check mark and enable 'always use SSL' feature to fetch the emails from the account.This is a security feature. Select the 'label incomingmessages'option. This option allows the Gmail to receive notification as well as emails from SBCGlobal net email login account. If you want to receive the email in the different folder then this option is also available in Gmail settings. Yes, if you want to stop receiving emails on the Gmail account from SBCglobal webmail then you can do so by clicking on 'archive incoming messages'.This option bar the emails from SBCGlobal mail ID. SBC YAHOO LOGIN Now you have to press the mouse button on 'add account' to add particular ATT net email login ID for transfer. The process of transfer may take several minutes but everything will be done automatically without any interface. If there is more than one email on SBC account then it will take time for transmission. SIGNIFICANT INFORMATION If your account is also created on June 11th, 2011 or in nearby dates then it must be expiring is advisable to use the client like Mozilla, Microsoft Outlook or Thunderbird for downloading the email. This facilitates you to use IMAP protocol. You might not be able to access emails on your Gmail account with this. Download the email from the client. Enter the SBC Yahoo login account under server type and enter '' in the server name. Enable the security protection and enter '993' in the port number box. WARNING The SBCglobal email settings are applicable on all the POP 3 settings that end with,,,,, and The whole process of transferring a mail from SBCGlobal to the Gmail is possible with the help of This is a platform for linking both the platforms under one umbrella. The older versions of SBCGlobal mail service are reluctant to accommodate enough number of users in their database servers. The service was limited to some users only. Now everything is changed and the experts are also available for fixing a certain issue. CONTACT US CALL TOLL FREE NUMBER 1-800-414-2180 Website


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