UDS300 Vessel Bill of Sale Florida

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UDS300 rev112211 ba BILL OF SALE FOR A VESSEL This is to certify that I have sold the following listed vessel/trailer/motor to: Name of Purchaser (s): on this day of , 20 for the sum of $ Name Entered In Error: (if applicable). *IF THE SELLING PRICE INCLUDES A BOAT, TRAILER, AND AN OUTBOARD MOTOR, ENTER THE PORTIONS OF THE PRICE FOR EACH COMPONENT BELOW: Boat $ Trailer $ Outboard Motor $ DESCRIPTION OF VESSEL Make Year Identification Number Length Registration Number Title Number DESCRIPTION OF TRAILER Make Year Identification Number Empty Weight DESCRIPTION OF OUTBOARD MOTOR Make Year Identification Number If this vessel has never been registered or titled in Florida, or any other state, give the specific reason (s) below: Under penalties of perjury, I declare that I have read the foregoing document and that the facts stated in it are true. Signature of SELLER Signature of CO-SELLER Address: Address: Signature of PURCHASHER Signature of CO-PURCHASER Address: Address: N m OTE: All vessels manufactured 1974 or later must establish ownership by furnishing along with this bill of sale, a anufacturer's statement of origin, title certificate or other document in accordance with Florida Statute 327.

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