The Walden Group is a strategic investment banking and consulting firm focused on the healthcare industry.  Strategic Healthcare Investment Banking and Consulting.

About Jack Berlin

A World-Class Industry Leader in Healthcare Mergers and Acquisitions

Healthcare Expertise and Experience. With a 20-year proven track record, The Walden Group has served the healthcare industry as a specialized investment banking and consulting firm. We focus on the strategic interests of medical device, diagnostic, healthcare IT, medical services, distribution, specialized pharmaceutical, dental and other healthcare companies.

Wall Street M&A Expertise Combined with Hands-on Strategic Healhcare Consulting. We offer sophisticated M&A and other investment banking services like a "bulge bracket" firm, but without an assembly-line process. We also provide pragmatic strategic consulting services by principals who have healthcare executive experience at major firms. Our close-to-operations perspective provides critical texture to our M&A work, and our transactional experience infuses a real-world practicality to our consulting work.

Worldwide Network of Relationships. As healthcare industry experts, we hit the ground running and build-on ongoing relationships with major operating companies and financial sponsors. These relationships have been honed during the many transactions, trade show appearances and speaking engagements we conduct every year. In addition, more than 5,000 individuals around the world receive our Strategic Healthcare M&A Report on a quarterly basis. We are a known quantity worldwide.

Rapid Deployment Force. With decades of healthcare industry expertise, we operate on a savvy, streamlined, client-focused basis. Without any "red tape", learning curve or need to develop relationships from scratch, The Walden Group can quickly and methodically execute fitted transactions and deliver value-added consulting projects

Research Driven. Our goal is to equip our clients with a thorough understanding of industry trends and challenges and provide effective solutions. We closely monitor mergers, acquisitions, strategic alliances and technology transfers within healthcare, as well as changes in government policies and regulations. We track product lines, distribution methods, strategic direction, and manufacturing capabilities of nearly 20,000 companies within our niche, from manufacturers, to distributors, to information technology companies, to service firms of all kinds. We monitor product lines at the customer-vendor level, noting medical specialties and subspecialties addressed. We record product line information in more than 650 such categories, enabling us to pinpoint, with extreme accuracy, strategic matches between companies, whether of a horizontal, vertical, diversification or investment nature.

About Walden Group

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