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In this tutorial, we share fight or flight self defense tips.

When facing real life violence, there are several things going on at once in your mind. You experience fear and you go into a feeling called the fight or flight syndrome.

You’re either fighting for your life or you’re trying to escape to a safe place. Note that you can also freeze like a deer in headlights.

Obviously, the latter is not recommended because it can get you seriously injured. As for the flight or flight syndrome, watch the clip to discover what it’s all about.

Additional self defense information:

Striking Fundamentals:


Common Attacks:


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Thanks for watching and stay safe,

Nick Drossos and Patrick Viana

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About Code Red Defense

Code Red Defense is a reality-based self defense system for civilians and law enforcment personel.

A complete series of video tutorials have been created to help you learn how to defend yourself effectively.

Nick Drossos & Patrick Viana

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