AO-DVD (Articulated Optical Digital Versatile Disk) technology is a newly conceived low-cost data distribution and content execution media for integration into mainstream CD and DVD optical data storage drives. It was invented recently at Iomega Corporation, the removable data storage company that has brought the world such data storage innovations as the Zip Drive, Jaz Drive, PocketZip Drive and Peerless Drive. Iomega has also made a name for itself with several performance enhanced CDRW optical data storage products.

About Fred C Thomas III

Fred Charles Thomas III - Engineer and Inventor

Fred Thomas received a BS in Mechanical Engineering with a Minor in Physics from Bucknell University in 1982. In 1990 he received a MS in Mechanical Engineering specializing in Control Systems and Non-linear Dynamics.

His awards include the International Design Excellence Award in 2009, Industrial Forum Product Design Award in 2008, "Nano50 Award" for "Subwavelength Optical Data Storage" in 2005, Lemelson-MIT "Inventor of the Week" Award in 2004, Iomega "Exceptional Invention Award" in 1999, and Laser Focus World "Electro-Optic Application of the Year Award" in 1994. 

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