A tea tray is used to place teaware. It has many different materials and various styles, such as round moon shape, chessboard shape, etc. But no matter what material and style, the most important are the two characters: wide, and flat. It means the tea tray should be wide so that it can place more teacups when there is more guest. And the bottom of the tea tray should be flat, so as to make the cup stable and uneasy to shake.

The tea tray, also known as the Chachuan (tea ship) and Chaxi (tea wash), is used for carrying the tea sets. There are single-layered tea trays and double-layered tea trays. In a double-layered tea tray, the first layer has holes while the lower layer is a drawer for draining water. The single-layered tea tray only has a metal pipe in the right lower corner to drain the wastewater into a connected waste tea bucket.

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