Techcelerate Launch with Partners 5th Feb 2019

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TECH GROWTH Accelerated through (Investment & Growth) Advisory A mini GP Bullhound operating in 350k to 5m tech investment growth advisory market. Working with ambitious and driven tech founders (100m revenue potential). Supported by a rapidly growing Techcelerate Network (talent and markets). Backed by data and insights. 01 - Michael Holligan (Barclays) - Manoj Ranaweera (Techcelerate) UK Investment Analysis 02 - SeedLegals (Anthony Rose) - RDVault (Shoayb Patel) - Crowe (Michael Jayson) Launch Partners 03 - Matthew Priestley (Barclays Eagle Labs) - Alexandra Morris (Techcelerate Network) - Manoj Ranaweera (Techcelerate) Introductions Agenda 01 - Andrew Threlfall (Malinko) - Anthony Rose (SeedLegal) Panel Discussion 4 Introduction 2011 2010 2013 2012 2007 2006 Techcelerate History (2006 to 2013) Northern Startup 2.0 OpenCoffee Northern Tech Awards ACQUISITION 100+ Events 2,300 tech entrepreneurs + senior managers of tech companies + investors + dealmakers + service providers + academia From San Francisco to Shanghai Manoj shutdowns his first Fintech startup Tech Centre MCR Techcelerate 2014 Her Majesty the Queen 2017 May - Techcelerate Coffees Manchester Jun - Deal Data Nov - Techcelerate Coffees London 2018 2019 Feb - Launch with Partners Techcelerate Events: 12 Techcelerate Network: 417 Techcelerate Specialists: 6 Deals captured: 600+ MCR startups: 169 01 Mainly as a result of (1). Irrespective of how promising an idea might be, if resource needs cannot be financed, most startups end up dead before they get a chance to prove. Running out of cash 02 Startups are testing times for best of friends. Very few manage to keep things together when rough times hit. Founder disputes 03 Inability to reach product/market fit and gain traction before running out of funds. No market Problem Startups are hard Many fails due to lack of capital 01 It's a dog eat dog world, especially if you need funding to keep going. Competition 4 Whilst there is more startup capital than ever before, the number of startups has also increased significantly. Taking the eyeball from the business to raise funding can have a dramatic impact on keeping your tech company alive. Your Trusted Advisor for Founder Journey Start to Exit 01 02 03 04 05 06 Growing user base with conversions Problem/Solution Fit MVP Idea ARR > 1m MRR > 100k Growth Stage 1 ARR > 5m MRR > 500k Growth Stage 2 Users cannot live without Growing customer base Product/Market Fit Development Resources Continuous refinement based on early feedback Growth metrics Growth channels Experimenting traction models - Investment - Strategy & Positioning - Talent - Revenue channels - Research Seed Family, Friends & Fools (FFF) Accelerator Pre-Seed Seed Seed Follow On Growth Pre-Series A Series A Series A Follow On Pre-Series B Series B Series B Follow On Pre-Series C Acquisition Series C Series C Follow On Pre-Series D Series D Series D Follow On Acquired IPO Pre-IPO IPO Share Placings 01 02 03 04 05 Techcelerate Value Add 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 Deal negotiation and completion support Short listing of investors and Investor introductions Investment Readiness Detailed due diligence Sign Agreement Initial due diligence Techcelerate Investment Process Investment secured Growth Support Manoj Ranaweera INVESTMENT & RESEARCH David Bailey Finance Merryns Stuart Scott-Goldstone Legal Aaron & Partners Techcelerate Growth Support Alexandra Morris NETWORK Stewart Townsend TALENT Techcelerate Specialists Question! 3 months - Investment Readiness 3 - months to close 15 Co-operation Happy to review pre-qualified investment opportunities introduced by Techcelerate Pledge Given a commitment (not a binding contract) to review pre-qualified investment opportunities introduced by Techcelerate Partnership Techcelerate represents the investor in Manchester and the North West of UK 25% 50% 75% Strategic Invests into Techcelerate micro Fund (in future) 100% Techcelerate Investment Angel/Investor Relationships 16 Angels Mostly current Tech CEOs Pledge Disposable income for investment 6 2.2m Techcelerate Angel Network Chap with the midas touch UK Investment Landscape Venture debt finance Equity finance UK Investment Landscape Equity finance 5.24bn #559 deals Tracking started in June 2018 300m IPO Funding Options 169.3m IPO AJ Bell 191.86m Greensill #559 Investments Tracking started in June 2018 Top Sectors Top Sectors Regional Analysis 307m #43 deals Tracking started in June 2018 169.3m IPO AJ Bell Top North West Deals Company Investors Industry Amount AJ Bell 651m listing price. Raise was used to pay existing shareholders. LSE FinTech 169.30 Love Energy Savings LDC with partial exit for NVM Private Equity PriceComparison 25.00 Matillion Sapphire Ventures (formerly SAP Ventures), Scale Venture Partners, YFM Equity Partners Data 14.19 Zilico MaxHelath Medical Group, Deepbridge Capital HealthTech 13.5 UKFast Inflexion Private Equity Hosting 10.42 Miss Group BGF Web Hosting 6.40 Immotion LSE: AIM VR/AR 6.00 Evoke Creative BGF MediaTech 6.00 Genedrive 3.5m from BGF MedTech 6.00 vTime Deepbridge Capital, MSIF VR/AR 5.83 Upside Energy Legal & General Capital, SYSTEMIQ EnergyTech 5.5 CurrentBody NVM Private Equity RetailTech 5 ParkCloud Merica TravelTech 4.00 Ditto IP Group AI 4 Biddoh OKEx Exchange, OK Blockchain Capital, Buzz Capital MarTech 3.84 Top 15 Deals Access to Deal Data 52/year for the first 50 Need another 44 early subscribers to validate before we start coding

Techcelerate Launch on 5th Feb 2019 at Barclays Eagle Labs Manchester

About Techcelerate Ventures

Tech Investment and Growth Advisory for Series A in the UK, operating in £150k to £5m investment market, working with #SaaS #FinTech #HealthTech #MarketPlaces and #PropTech companies.


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