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Website owners, bloggers, webmasters and content producers can celebrate!​ Placing Google Docs on a site in an iframe via edocr. It has never been easier to upload and update a blog, calendar, announcement or any other content than it is now with ​edocr​. Small, rapidly changing events, notices or announcements now can exist on a web page, and anyone (with permission) can update without touching the site! You can now create a share directly from a Google Doc (or Google Sheets or Google Slides) and have it published on edocr, which in turn can be displayed in any browser via a web link or embedded in a web page. Create stunning documents, blog posts, notices, or any other content from your Google Drive and share it with whomever you want, without exposing your Google Drive to anyone. And here’s the best part: When you make a change to your Google Doc, those changes are automatically updated to your published share, so you can live update on the web! (edocr Premium Only) This feature is great for all sorts of small businesses and associations that want to make frequent changes to their website, but don't have the resources to have a web developer on standby, ready to upload immediate changes. Examples include a Google Sheets calendar you want to keep updated, or a daily special the restaurant owner wants to post daily without having to post a new link each day. Bloggers can use it to create posts and status updates without confusing followers with a different link each and every day. Small businesses can post employee schedules. Place a Google Slides slide deck with timer on your website. A fishing charter can post their availability. And I bet you can think of hundreds of more examples and uses. Here is a live example of a Google Sheets Calendar: All of this can be done while ensuring documents remain uncompromised and updated when needed. You can even control and restrict printing, downloading, copying and sharing straight from edocr in the Privacy settings when creating your document to share. Get Started (We are assuming you have an edocr account already by now, and have clicked the 'Upload' button to create a new share - if not, visit: ​) 1. Open the Google Doc or Sheet or Slide and click the blue “Share” button in the top right hand corner. 2. Select the drop down list under “Link sharing on” and click “More…” 3. Select “Anyone with the link” and hit Save. 4. When publishing on edocr, copy the URL and paste it into “Enter a URL” during the Upload process. 5. (​use this step for changes​) When you make a change in order to update your document or sheet on Google, go to the edocr view of that same document or sheet, and hit the little 'Refresh' link at the top of the page, and the new content is now live on the internet under the same URL link as before (or if the iframe is embedded, it is now showing the new content). Congrats! You’ve now learned how to use Google Docs to publish your documents via edocr! OK, we said you could place this document on your web page or blog, so if you are ready for that next step, continue reading the ​Embeddable Viewer blog post​. And here is a PDF stored on our Google Drive: (P.S. - This document is also a Google Doc!)

Publishing documents on edocr is a proven way to start demand generation for your products and services. Thousands of professionals and businesses publish marketing (brochures, data sheets, press releases, white papers and case studies), sales (slides, price lists and pro-forma agreements), operations (specifications, operating manuals, installation guides), customer service (user manuals) and financial (annual reports and financial statements) documents making it easier for prospects and customers to find content, helping them to make informed decisions. #SEO #leadgen #content #analytics

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I am an accomplished content marketing professional helping you to build your brand and business. In my current role, I fulfill a multi-faceted solution marketplace including: publishing and sharing your content, embedding a document viewer on your website, improving your content’s search engine optimization, generating leads with gated content and earning money by selling your documents. I gobble up documents, storing them for safekeeping and releasing the text for excellent search engine optimization, lead generation and earned income. 

Publishing documents on is a proven way to start demand generation for your products and services. Thousands of professionals and businesses publish marketing, sales, operations, customer service and financial documents making it easier for prospects and customers to find content, helping them to make informed decisions.

Get publishing now!


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