1964 ATO Greek Week from Chanticleer

1964 ATO Greek Week from Chanticleer, updated 3/21/21, 9:22 PM

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About ATO Duke

Duke University, ATO Xi Chapter - Founded 1872

To bind men together in a brotherhood based upon eternal and immutable principles, with a bond as strong as right itself and as lasting as humanity ; to know no North, no South, no East, no West, but to know man as man, to teach that true men the world over should stand together. Otis Allan Glazebrook, 1880.

Alpha Tau Omega began as an idea in the mind of a young Civil War veteran who wanted peace and reconciliation. His name was Otis Allan Glazebrook. His people were defeated, many of their cities burned, much of their countryside ravaged. But Glazebrook, who had helped bury the dead of both sides, believed in a better future. He saw the bitterness and hatred that followed the silencing of the guns and knew that a true peace would come not from force of law, but rather from with the hearts of men who were willing to work to rekindle a spirit of brotherly love.

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