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Western Fire & Safety is a Fire Sales and Service Company deals in fire fighting equipment, fire protection equipment situated in Seattle, WA USA. Western Fire Safety 01 What Industries Use the Industrial Air Compressor 02 Although plenty of the press about air compressors in recent years has focused on the new market for small and medium- sized air compressors, traditionally, they have been primarily utilized by heavy industry, and this stays the case today. The commercial air compressor is generally a fixed device and usually operates on a much higher degree than the compressor available at your local hardware shop. Some compressors operate the use of hundreds, heaps, or even tens of thousands of horsepower and create strain levels well past any non-industrial application. 03 Where it is utilized? Industrial air compressors are also utilized in a wide range of commercial and production applications, where the usage of pneumatic equipment is extra efficient than different options. 04 Pneumatic gear and devices are extra sturdy and much less polluting than most of the options to be had, so that they play a crucial position in almost all essential factories, regardless of the product being made or the kind of work being done. Virtually every primary manufacturing unit has one or extra commercial compressors that are used to electricity a wide variety of equipment and systems in the manufacturing facility or plant. Many of the biggest factories have their commercial air compressors custom built to satisfy their exact and exacting demands, and there is a whole industry dedicated entirely to building and preserving these custom designed compressors. 05 1 2 3 where you can get? Western Fire and Safety Company provides you with different types of fire safety &, fire protection equipment. 06 We provide service to walk-in customers, businesses, the marine industry, and overseas foreign services. Testing and Repair of Fire Hoses, Recharging of Dry Chemical and Wet Chemical, USCG Approved Inspections Walk-in Service at our convenient location in Ballard, Seattle 24-Hour Service for Foreign Cargo / Tanker vessels at any port in Washington State Software and Factory Authorized test and repair facility for Interspiro & Draeger 07 Western Fire & Safety has accomplished several significant achievements over the past 17 years of operation, including sales, service and installation of fire safety equipment on board over 300 vessels per year, Why Choose Us? 08 ranging from personal yachts to fishing vessels, commercial vessels, container ships, service of Carbon Dioxide fire systems for various Washington Dams, supply and installation of pre-fabricated containerized CO2 Cargo Hold Systems on board Container Ships, service of fire equipment to the entire City of Seattle and subsidiaries, and exports of Breathing Apparatus Equipment, Fireman’s Bunker Gear, and other safety equipment to such places as Trinidad, Thailand, Norway, and other foreign countries. 09 Contact Us 206-782-7825 sales@westernfireandsafety.com www.westernfireandsafety.com 10

Gets fire fighting services you need with Fixed Fire Extinguishing Systems, Portable Fire Extinguisher, & Wheeled Fire Extinguishers from Western Fire and safety


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