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My News Punch EVENTS 19-07-2019 My Big News Punch every 7th and 19th of each month for PHD RESEARCH and all My News Punch WHALLER.COM My News Punch HUBZILLA.ORG MY CHANNEL DRDEJ777Z JOINDIASPORA.COM & DIASPORA.CLUB SAIDIT.NET VENERA.SOCIAL BLOGGER.COM Western Democracy PART 1 to PART 6 is ready for viewing see below Global Research The Ever-Growing List of ADMITTED False Flag Attacks attacks/5578473 Social Media Replacement For FB, Twitter ALL IN: War Crimes, Warmongers..... False Flag, Understanding C Theory... for Research Students...,..GO TO MeWe allows FILES upload >>>Western Democracy PART 1 to PART 6 Sorry you have to join them and then>>> NEWS MENAHEADLINE NEWSIRAN Why The United States Will Not Launch A Ground War Against Iran Global alliances have shifted Turkey has defacto announced its withdrawal from NATO, by its purchase of S-400 missiles. That purchase and collaboration with Russia guarantees its departure from NATO, even if Turkey has not publicly announced such a withdrawal. Furthermore, while Turkey’s military bases host US aircraft and operations, Turkey says it will not allow its bases to be used in any attack on Iran, by the US. Iraq, an ally of Iran, has likewise stated that it will not allow its territory to be used as a base for attacking Iran. Next, Imran Khan’s Pakistan has moved away from its alliance with the US to court China. China is Pakistan’s largest trading partner, and China has guaranteed security to Pakistan for Kashmir. Thus, no bases in Pakistan will be provided to the United States for any attack on Iran. China and Russia have warned Washington too that it must not attack Iran. Iran has guarantees from Russia, China, Pakistan, Turkey, and even Japan and India that its economic future is secure… despite US sanctions. So, only Saudia remains as a host for US aggression versus Iran. But Saudia has much to lose by hosting US aggression, especially with Russia pushing OPEC+. And even the largely defunct Arab League opposes US PS I ADD as someone near war front not as a fighter but as a civil engineer-DO NOT FORGET ABOUT IRAN/ IRAQ WAR. Every country excluding Syria helped Saddam to defeat IR IRAN and they all 70+++ Million People Mobilization Army IRAN, IRAQ, SYRIA, LEBANON, YEMEN , BAHRAIN...(PMR) is fully ready and armed with surprise armament. against- iran/?utm_medium=ppc&utm_source=wp&utm_campaign=push&utm_content=new-article Murdoch's reporters 1-2-3 was on the USS when Trump alleges an Iranian drone was downed - and this journalist to tell us all about it. Introducing another False flags Galore. Surely it's so. After US drone scandal which downed by Iran's air defence system above Persian Golf region, Neocon/Zionist and Bolton urgently need to broadcast a victorious news, even pretexting to a Fake News to cover their military failures. So here it is… False Flags always carry the same Tell-tale USS Boxer had a bizarre and dangerous encounter with an Iranian chopper right before the ship destroyed a drone 7?fbclid=IwAR1nhkyZfgAcnbRHLspK9MO2216WTE4EjL-IUk2b9iwLOCGI_iSnHJ41Zw4 IRGC releases drone footage, belying US claim of downing Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) has released footage captured by an Iranian drone flying over the Strait of Hormuz and monitoring a United States Navy vessel, belying a claim by Washington that the unmanned aircraft was shot down by the American forces. NINCOMPOOP OF ALL NINCOMPOOPS ..there are 70+++ Million People Mobilization Army/ or Imam Hussain army/Imam Mahdia Army IRAN IRAQ YEMEN SYRIA…. ... waiting for you. True to claim some are as young as 16 years old and some are as old as 80 ...US UK EU will loose all their profitable colonies in the area STOP IT US to Send 500 Ground Troops to Saudi Arabia in Response to Iran iran/?fbclid=IwAR0M1_tb-92MtwcoJiEDLYhRkUUMF- Ilc2DA1bPAdiaGLkUoSjuxuJapUXQ mperialism has been getting something for nothing and is getting something for nothing and will try to...but hold on, not for ever, KSA UAE, African Puppet Regimes......will all collapse soon people are hungry and sick Imperialism = Western Sham Democracy Rebecca Chan shared a link to the group: 21SilkRd. 16 July at 23:41 Excerpt: De-Dollarizing the American Financial Empire by MICHAEL HUDSON – BONNIE FAULKNER Imperialism is getting something for nothing. It is a strategy to obtain other countries’ surplus without playing a productive role, but by creating an extractive rentier system. An imperialist power obliges other countries to pay tribute. Of emperors told the provinces they governed. U.S. diplomats simply insist that other countries invest their balance-of-payments inflows and official central-bank savings in US dollars, especially U.S. Treasury IOUs. This Treasury-bill standard turns the global monetary and financial system into a tributary system. That is what pays the costs of U.S. military spending, including its 800 military bases throughout the world.|| De-Dollarizing the American Financial Empire by MICHAEL HUDSON – BONNIE FAULKNERImperialism is getting something for nothing. It is a strategy to obtain other countries’ surplus without playing a productive role, but by creating an extractive rentier system. empire/?fbclid=IwAR3NEa75FyicIv- 9Mx0xfRycH03GYKLmKEQjZtuNGmT0KJN94HeHZD6_LDI Introducing another False flags Galore. Surely it's so. After US drone scandal which downed by Iran's air defence system above Persian Golf region, Neocon/Zionist and Bolton urgently need to broadcast a victorious news, even pretexting to a Fake News to cover their military failures. So here it is… False Flags always carry the same Tell-tale a WSJ journalists on board! IRAN IS “CONCERNED” US MAY HAVE ACCIDENTALLY DOWNED OWN DRONE OVER HORMUZ On July 19th, Spokesman of the Iranian Armed Forces Brigadier General Abolfazl Shekarchi said that Iran had lost no drone, despite claims by the US that the USS Boxer had downed one in the Persian Gulf. “Contrary to the unfounded allegation and illusion of the terrorist president of the United States, all drones belonging to the Islamic Republic of Iran in the Persian Gulf region and the Strait of Hormuz, including the drone mentioned by Trump, after the planned reconnaissance and controlled mission have returned to their bases intact, and no reports have been reported on the USS Boxer’s confrontation with Iranian drones.” The spokesman called these claims “unfounded allegations” that are aimed at creating “inflammation and insecurity” in the Persian Gulf. concerned-us-may-have-accidentally-downed-own-drone-over-hormuz/ undefined Saudi crown prince stuck in Yemeni 'quagmire', seeking US help: NY Times report Quagmire?fbclid=IwAR2gN1dJPuhhfi2gYyH0gD_aYkUCvZj7vLoJXUSBDHPNdiN7LKq64KAOx o4 A Fascist Trump Rally In Greenville Scholars say the rally — where Trump supporters chanted "Send her back!" about Muslim Rep. Ilhan Omar — is an escalation in America's slide toward fascism. her-back_n_5d30529fe4b0419fd328b270 Any military aggression against Iran will drag entire Mideast into chaos: Nasrallah hiatus-in-case-war-waged-on-Iran- Nasrallah?fbclid=IwAR3qhE4ZZgOERnJAPWA6jd8ehAoQaOTjjpGmtPlXsDgWxXRDobX EJyDdhrM 5 YEARS? CRIME AND INCIDENTS Report: Epstein’s Lawyers Offer Plea Deal to Divulge Names in Exchange for 5-Year Sentence BY BOWEN XIAO July 9, 2019 Updated: July 9, 2019Alleged child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein will agree to give up names of individuals who took part in the trafficking ring he’s charged with running—in exchange for a substantially lower sentence, according to a report by broadcast channel One America News Network (OANN). “Epstein’s lawyer has already made a proffer to SDNY,” OANN host Jack Posobiec said in a July 8 Twitter post. SDNY refers to the Southern District of New York. exchange-for-5-year- sentence_2995298.html?fbclid=IwAR0j4T_QKu11jLsHgvScmAEkpLCUsV4jLp8XU2yOvs2aSzZ mqN-yEnDPfdM Teddy Roosevelt, 26th president said of America: His words - and Western Democracy! “Democracy has justified itself by keeping for the white race the best portion's By Christopher Mathias, HuffPost US Teddy Roosevelt, 26th president said of America: His words - and Western Democracy! “Democracy has justified itself by keeping for the white race the best portion's of the earth's surface”. Crowd Chants 'Send Her Back' as Trump Attacks Ilhan Omar at Rally President slams four congresswomen who he says should leave the U.S., saving the harshest criticism for Omar back-as-trump-attacks-ilhan-omar-at-rally- 1.7537195?fbclid=IwAR3n3lIvlqXP9Cssl2R761ZPNNCx6PcDCArs4dZFRecnPb7zWrLKcXKjf4U Army Recruiter Who Calls Himself Batman Arrested for Trying to Sexually Abuse Young Girls "Colorado Batman” was arrested Monday on charges of trying to sexually abuse girls as young as 10. (TMU) — An active-duty recruiter for the U.S. Army who goes by the nickname of “Colorado Batman,” is facing a rough future after being arrested Monday on charges of trying to sexually abuse girls as young as 10 over the internet. girls.html Sexual Predators Within America’s Power Elite: What You’re Not Being Told Power corrupts. Anyone who believes differently hasn’t been paying attention. “As political and economic freedom diminishes, sexual freedom tends compensating to increase. And the dictator (unless he needs cannon fodder and families with which to colonize empty or conquered territories) will do well to encourage that freedom.” — Aldous Huxley, Brave New World power-elite.html Secretary of Labor Said Epstein ‘Belonged to Intelligence,’ Was Told to Back off Investigation: Report The Daily Beast reports that U.S. Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta stated that ill-famed Jeffrey Epstein "belonged to intelligence." She's 73, but her brain is only 11 years old Cher ditches Facebook, Google for 'conspiring with Russia to destroy our democracy' ditches-facebook-google-over-alleged-russian-election-meddling/2356655002/ OPUS 167 Mossad Epstein Connection: God Bless Dr. Pieczenik. Thank You for your honesty. QWn0LDXa4LVT5-h7oWG-x9OpHpRJSdh-HZLLCXRk00 Edward Snowden: The Dangers Are Real "Your communications, as they happen largely today, don't actually take place between you and the person that you are talking to. They happen between you and F@cebook, who then provides a copy of it to the person you are talking to, or you and Gmail, who then gives a copy of it to the person that you are talking to and every time these transactions occur through these service providers, they keep a record of it.” real/?fbclid=IwAR3b8UmFz2WLVA5u_nHWuE3ERMCx66hWj4TQ- o3ehDtcb30ZCO_UHAh6NtE Dwight Eisenhower's Worst Nightmare Has Come True When, in his farewell address in 1961, President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned of the dangers of the “unwarranted influence” wielded by the “military-industrial complex,” he could never have dreamed of an arms-making corporation of the size and political clout of Lockheed Martin. In a good year, it now receives up to $50 billion in government contracts, a sum larger than the operating budget of the State Department. And now it’s about to have company. JIM FETZER "How Israel Censors the Internet" Barry Grossman 15 July at 10:10 · Clockwise, From top Left: 1. Prince Andrew and Virginia Giuffre (previously Virginia Roberts), then aged 17, photographed with Ghislaine Maxwell - the daughter of reputed Mossad agent and media tycoon Robert Maxwell, said by some to have been assassinated in connection the Vanunu disclosures about Israel's nuclear arsenal. Virginia later accused Maxwell of procuring her as a sex slave trafficked to Prince Andrew by Jeffrey Epstein; 2. Jeffrey Epstein with Ghislaine Maxwell; 3. Ghislaine Maxwell pictured with Prince Andrew at Heidi Klum's 'Hookers and Pimps' party, where he was also photographed cavorting with Ghislaine Maxwell; 4. Prince Andrew getting some face lick from reputed serial procurer for Epstein and Maxwell, Rachel Chandler, who is also considered to be a victim of statutory rape by Epstein and others; 6. Bill Clinton photographed with has arm around then 14 year old Rachel Chandler aboard Epstein's Lolita Express Airplane; 7. Ghislaine Maxwell at the wedding of Chelsea Clinton. The List of Clinton Associates Who Allegedly Died Mysteriously. Check It Out. list-of-clinton-associates-whove-died-mysteriously-check-it- out/?fbclid=IwAR2198dy-B6s2PRwugDE- CVpMEdbz0m2tMgHx_nopht6PdgNpMKRHgxdreg Jack Balkwill: "The World Should Fear another President Clinton". Alleged Epstein victims recount powerful emotions after witnessing financier’s New York arraignment recount-powerful-emotions-witnessing- financiers/story?id=64228395&fbclid=IwAR2jTVjNefuogRm_jQWn0LDXa4LVT5- h7oWG-x9OpHpRJSdh-HZLLCXRk00 Chris Hedges and Medea Benjamin: Threat of War with Iran + Anti-War Resistance? benjamin-threat-of-war-with-iran-anti-war- resistance/?fbclid=IwAR0cref83JIWyZMzon6miFjl58IbB8a- zabUVTDyPeUybK43uqORfWVJQAw On This Day — Remembering Dr David Kelly (May 14, 1944 – July 17, 2003) Posted on July 17, 2019by L “Some people are natural conspiracy theorists. I’m not. Maybe this is a weakness — an indication of a readiness to accept the official version of events and not to see evil plots lurking in the background. But after reading Miles Goslett’s masterful book about the supposed suicide of the weapons expert Dr David Kelly in 2003, I am more persuaded than ever that the authorities have not told us the whole truth about this tragic case.” Stephen Glover — April 28 2018 14-1944-july-17- 2003/?fbclid=IwAR0fGBxj1zNMHlusqjJCFRGOUYD28RtU9JRoo_UNbkIFRb0tqYAfYcyAoP8 Corporate media's silence condemned as Manning is fined $1,000 a day Iconic journalist John Pilger warns the lack of coverage is ‘a warning of the return of fascism’ john-pilger-condemns-corporate-medias-silence-as-manning-is-fined- %241%2C000-a- day?fbclid=IwAR24bXvuFZOb7L2SZNo_eeMGDcyJA5bS728JFPaSzRnAgV6icRHYKZ7x C0E Al Jazeera: Bahrain recruited Al-Qaeda terrorist to assassinate dissidents terrorist-to-assassinate-dissidents/?fbclid=IwAR1sP6V- TNVsl90qEs2KsmhQngcSf2npJIfMJVf4kzaBEaMsY7mGjc1riAg#.XS3J4b-HQp4.facebook JULY 16, 2019 BY DANDELIONSALAD Idiots Driving World to War by Finian Cunningham by-finian- cunningham/?fbclid=IwAR0cCelDjtL4Itt4VYxqh8wRCnvzvq3tCGEWFBOnYJqgxOBi 5qM44aQODWI Richard Chu 16 July at 21:59 Marguerite Elia: "Zio-Fascist Dershowitz is one of the most prominent voices of the Fascist Israel lobby and Fascist Apartheid Israel and has always been the advocate of mass murder of gentiles in Palestine and rape of gentiles in America. He calls it the "most moral thing to do." "Dershowitz said he would do it all over again. In fact, he told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency that he would try to get Epstein even less prison time if he had the chance" He also admitted to using Epstein's services, They are zionst monsters and rapists both," Alan Dershowitz defends helping Jeffrey Epstein secure controversial plea deal Lawyer says it’s his moral obligation to help suspected criminals; but his ties to accused sex trafficker go deeper deal/?fbclid=IwAR1Xe3L7AXIpWSEXQn7WZbKYgpboFduQ- abGJHxTNUZ5orMZNGiE5u_I4Fg Kamala Harris took money from law firm that represented Epstein on same day she blasted it harris-takes-money-epsteins-law-firm-kirkland-and-ellis/1738739001/ By Steve Brown – Unless you’re another Rip van Winkel, it’s impossible to miss the revived and relentless calls for war with Iran, from US State and the media. Braying for war with Iran is extant far beyond the halls of US State power, to encompass a virtual media frenzy in the west. After a spate of curious and fruitless false flags intended to incite war between Iran and the United States, we must consider several other related events, at least one of which does not appear to be geopolitical, but certainly is. To critically consider the Epstein case in the context of a geopolitical event — and not simply as a unique criminal case — let’s first consider this rather strange selection of bizarre world events, since 2017: epstein-and-iran/ A Bridgeport, CT teen was shot and allegedly lay dying on the street without any medical attention given to him as he bled to death. street-hours/?fbclid=IwAR1M6yfMHCXbI_2-p4SUJkm9u3eza- WhviSiQqaNyk2gxWR7EYPy8N_1GOM Bethlehem (QNN)- Palestinian prisoner Nassar Taqatqa has passed away on Tuesday while in solitary confinement at Nitzan Israeli jail. The Prisoners Information Centre said on Tuesday that Taqatqa, from Beit Fujjar in Bethlehem, was killed under torture and due to medical negligence while he was kept in solitary confinement. jail/?fbclid=IwAR3RTVFfeRae58a_4EV_P3OyfPnAJQ5jxYUT-rTfoR6d0EboJUyBcJu1E74 ALL OF IT d-]-h- R&eid=ARDF2833NING9GJR5j4sJcoMK1XJ59r2znzzTLy0tqJNZ8S7bCsTchnIw6zalliZfvTru4folb TvplE7 Fake quote, is the truth picture USA 18-07 2019 I asked 100 people do you know who Epstein is 10% said yes I asked 100 people is the Labour party anti semetic...70% said yes that is what the press is saying well.....BBC CNN FOX...BRAINWASHERS Why is the Labour Party's internal Israel lobby attacking an Al Jazeera film from 2017? Labour Friends of Israel denies funding from Israeli spy funding-israeli- spy?fbclid=IwAR2T9VOVOzW8Dl37AQQkxcoFLWjOPrzw6P1xbyoTUpQMh9sbWV3 hDXuLibg Argentina had 5 Exocets, it sank 2 UK warships. Iran has thousands do the math. BUT Forget about the army ...70Million People Mobilization Army- AND Mountain and Mountains also 12the Imam thunders BEIRUT, LEBANON (9:00 A.M.) – The British Navy is sending a third warship to the Persian Gulf amid increased tensions with Iran following the seizure of the latter’s Grace oil tanker off the coast of Gibraltar. ongoing-turmoil-with-iran/ Dwight Eisenhower's Worst Nightmare Has Come True Truthdig newsletter 70 years later innocent black,... men/women are still being executed till this day George Stinney, 14, Executed In Vile Act Of Injustice, Exonerated 70s Years Late Newest MEK terror festival in Albania: a few incumbents among the mass of former officeholders On the last Saturday, 13 July 2019, the annual "Free Iran" conference was held for the first time at Ashraf 3 in Albania, the headquarters of the Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK or MKO), a notorious terrorist cult known by several other different names and acronyms, including People's Mojahedin of Iran (PMOI), National Liberation Army of Iran (NLA), and National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI). Terrorist-genocidal past Founded in the 1960s by a group of Iranian leftists opposed to the country's pro-Western Shah, later it developed into the largest and most militant group opposed to the Islamic Republic of Iran. After the 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran, the group was driven from its bases on the Iran-Iraq border and resettled in Paris, where it began supporting Saddam's Iraq in its eight-year war against Iran. incumbents-among-mass-former-officeholders?fbclid=IwAR3e5Kk4o- mMvEKjOF5KCwO3EJIP6kz0N7eKyDQeSIE_i7BaYQFwvqi33C8 This is Anti-semetic to report Twelve Israelis arrested in Cyprus on suspicion of gang raping tourist suspicion-of-gang-raping-tourist Huffman talks about reddit FROM post replySee the Playlist Used by the CIA to Torture Detainees from HearingWithoutStatic via /s/Psychology sent 25 days ago the ….. your God suicidal mix. I do recall "C is for Cookie" being on one of their playlists. Sent from Mail for Windows 10 NEWS SOURCE TEHRAN TIMES IRANIAN.COM PALASTINE NEWS NETWORK LAWYERS COMMITTEE FOR 0-11 INQUIRY JONATHAN COOK MINT PRESS NEWS RAW STORY COMMON DREAMS THE IRAN PROJECT FARS NEWS TASNIM SOUTHFRONT.ORG PRINCIPIA-SCIENTIFIC.ORG THE NEW AMERICAN.COM ARMENPRESS WE ARE NOT NUMBERS PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS FIGHTBACK! NEWS.COM FOREIGN POLICY IN FOCUS THE GRAYZONE.COM STEPHEN LENDMAN.ORG ALHVALNEWS.COM FINANACIAL TIMES MONDOWEISS THE EVENT CHRONICLE REALITIES WATCH JAFRIAN NEWS 5 PILLARS NBC FP INDEPENDENT RT.COM AH TRIBUNE teleSUR English 972 MAG SYRIAN NEWS SYRIAN FREE PRESS LAROUCHEPAC lesson#.VzlHsKETV4k.facebook MOON OF ALABAMA CONSORTIUM NEWS THE IRANIAN XINHUANET BDS South Africa THE WASHINGTONEXAMINER.COM NATIONAL INTEREST PUNCH QUDS NEWS MA’AN NEWS AGENCY YOUR NEWS WIRE PROGRESSIVE SECULAR STRATEGIC CULTURE SPUTNIK NEWS HUFFINGTON POST HOME WE ARE CHANGE MIDDLE EAST EYE MONDOWEISS THE WORLD’S PLATFORM FOR CHANGE MEDIA MATTERS ALMASDAR NEWS/THE ARAB SOURCE TRUE ACTIVIST IA CENTER INDEPENDENT GLOBAL RESEARCH RELIEF WEB TRUST.ORG ASCERTAIN THE TRUTH MOBILE NEWS THERE ARE NO SUNGLASSES SLAVYANGARD TROVE BUSINESS UNSIDER NATION OF CHANGE RUSSIA INSIDER SPUTNIK NEWS South China Moring Press VOX NEWS RT NEWS LEVANT TV NDTV CANADA TALKS EKURD SYRIA 360 BRASS CHECK TV SHANNON WATCH WSWS END THE OCCUPATION MIDDLE EAST MONITOR ICH ALTERNET THE NATION FAIR INTELLIHUB UPROOTED PALESTINIANS’S BLOG TRAPLEY DIGITAL TRENDS COLLECTIVE EVOLUTION US NEWS THESLEUTHJOURNAL.CO ABNA 24 SAMIDOUN FILMING CUPS ANTI MEDIA THE FREE THOUGHT OROJECT .COM SPUTNIK JOHN PILGER.COM CROWDFUND INSIDER TIME OF ISRAEL ALTERNATIVE TO TYRANTS FB/TWITTER Science, Art, Religion, Politics, Scholarly Articles For Mathematics and Productivity The Student Room BSc, MSc & PhD Project Mangers etc PPTs IN SLIDESHARE POETICAL SCIENCE Politics and International Studies Research Degrees (MPhilPhD) Dr f Dejahang BSc CEng, BSc (Hons) Construction Mgmt, MSc, PhD Alfa, ABOUT.ME ALPHA APP DEAD DEAD ASK.FM ACADEMIA A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE LIVES OF THE TWELVE IMAMS From the "Battle of the Camel," "Battle of Siffin", "Battle of Nahrawan", " Battle of Uhud", "Battle of Hunayn", " Battle of Khaybar", " Battle of Khandaq" Takfiri/ISIS Terrorist Cult/..2016 MY TWITTER IS DEAD BUT TWITLONGER ALIVE Bravo, BOOK/ WEEKLY LESSONS >JUMPSHARE DEAD BLOGGER Charlie, CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT CIRCLE ME DEAD CHTTR DEAD Delta, Divine Book What is being discovered today is explained 1400 years ago….word of God DEVIANT ART DIASPORA HOW TO JOIN DIASPORTA JOINDIASPORA.COM DIASPORA.CLUB DAISPORA Poduptime DOCS.GOOGLE DRIVE.GOOGLE Lessons-PPTs PDF...Articles...Research papers .. DOCS.GOOGLE DRIVE.GOOGLE STUDENT NOTE...GOOGLE DOESN'T SHOW SartDraw’s Flowcharts, Floor Plans, and Other Diagrams correctly...THEREFORE, GO TO SLIDE SHARE DEMOCRACY IN THE WEST WORDPRESS DEMOCRACY IN THE WEST EDOCR Sham DARTO Echo, EDUBLOGS ELLO ELLO EDOCR Sham EDMODO Foxtrot, FRIENDICA HOW TO JOIN Golf, G+ DEAD GAB GNU GNU GNU ALL GNU ALL Hotel, HAWAAR India, INVISOCIAL DEAD IMGUR Juliett JUMPSHARE LESSONS MY BOOK Kilo, KLOUT-CCM DAED KUNE.GOUGE!7dej19dr KUNE.CC!7dej19dr Lima, LESSONS PDF’s ISSUU LINKEDIN NO 2 Mike, MYSPACE MASTODON TODON.NL MASTODON LGBT.IO SHAME ON YOU TO BLOCK ME ***DEAD MASTODON HOST MASTODON SCHOLAR MASTODON FREERADICAL MASTODON.XYZ MASTODON QOTO MASTODON QOTO MASTODON DISPLACED.SOCIAL MOVIM MEWE MOVIM FI.MOVIM.EU NL.MOVIM.EU November, NEWS SOURCE TWITLONGER Oscar, OK.RU ONE WAY Papa, PDF’s PDF’s (DR F DEJAHANG & OTHER SOURCE) IN SPEAKERDECK PDF>SPEAKERDECK PINTEREST PLEROMA,FR Quebec, QUORA Romeo, RELIGIOUS STUDIES START FROM NO 18 REDDIT Sierra, SLIDE SHARE SHARENSEARCH SPEAKER DECK PDF’s SOUP.IO STORIA SCOOP.IT STUMBLE Tango, TWIT LONGER TWITTER TSU TUMBLR TARINGA Uniform, UNTOLD STORIES Victor, VENERA Whiskey, WORDPRESS.COM Belief in Divine Book WALL OF ME WEEABOO WEGATHERAPP WODDAL X-ray, Yankee, Zulu. 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