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edocr Premium Features Free through March 2020! ​(pricing for 2020 below) edocr Premium ​ has all the benefits of edocr and more to help you build your brand and business. Sign up today for a free trial of edocr Premium (see link at the end of this post) to get more out of your documents - get more features, space, and collections. And, the best feature of all is that Premium is free of charge through at least 2019. If you are an educational or charity user, and want free Premium forever, apply with our ​Philanthropy form ​. SEO: ​The reason that most of you post is for exposure of your published content, for links back to your website, or for other reasons to rank higher in search engines and grab more exposure for your product or service. There are several ways to have edocr expose your documents to search engine crawlers, but the main way to guarantee the highest ranking is via a Premium edocr account. Disable Ads On Your Documents: ​Showcase your documents further by disabling ads on your documents. This includes the ability to use the space used for advertisements for a logo or photo. We have 3 levels of ads, including none at all at our Professional level. Lead Generation: ​ Fill you sales funnel with edocr’s lead generation feature. edocr provides you with validated leads. edocr validates the email address provided before granting access to your document or collection. Text Extraction: ​ Text extraction enhances your SEO, bringing you more leads. Using Accusoft’s PrizmDoc technology, edocr extracts text from your documents and creates a tag cloud of keywords that help search engines find your content. Googledocs editing: ​All edocr users have the ability to share a googledoc, sheet or slides, but with premium we provide you the ability to edit your googledoc, then refresh your edocr share instantly to show your edits and updates. Great for web notices and calendars. See this ​Blog Post ​. Document and Engagement Analytics: ​ See if people are engaging with your content with edocr’s document analytics—document views, downloads, and shares. You can also see analytics for social media and email shares as well as followers of your content. Storage and Collection: ​ More storage and more collections allows for you to publish and organize more of your content.Collections allow you to publish common content together and control the privacy rules of that collection of content. Annotation & Mark-up: ​Allows users to annotate & mark up shared documents with the restriction that only document owners with Premium account status can permanently alter the document and save changes. However, anyone can annotate then download or print without the ability to save. Collaborative (many to one submittal) Collection Type: ​ Allows the Account owner to provide a list of people that may submit documents to a collection, but only allows the Account Owner as able to view or mark-up. I.e., students cannot see other students papers or tests. Contributor Accounts: ​ Stop sharing passwords. With a contributor account, you can securely associate yourself and others with multiple edocr profiles without sharing passwords. This allows the ability for accounts to be maintained and added to by multiple people. CRM Integration: ​ Manage all of your leads in one location, your CRM. Integrate your edocr leads into your CRM solution, including Hubspot, CapsuleCRM, Nimble, Marketo, Mailigen, Infor, Salesforce, and Sugar. API Access: ​ Through the edocr API, quickly access information about documents and users. Pricing: ​ edocr offers two levels of Premium Accounts, Premium and Professional. Both provide submission of your content to the search bots for SEO benefit. Premium Account (disable sidebar ad and control info panel ad space, more exposure to search engines, more Storage and Collections) $9.95 / year or $1.25 / month Early Bird Premium Plan Special: $6.95 and also lock this as the renewal rate for four more years. Professional Account (no ads at all, more exposure to search engines, even more Storage and Collections) $19.95 / year or $2.25 / month Philanthropy (Free Premium Account for Education & Charity) Apply ​here What are you waiting for? Sign up today for a free trial of edocr Premium. (From your edocr profile, select Account Settings, Account Information, try Premium)

edocr Premium has all the benefits of edocr and more to help you build your brand and business. What are you waiting for? Sign up today for a free trial of edocr Premium.

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